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The European Research Association (REA Health) was founded in 2004, when the health sector was carrying out a slow but inexorable renewal process focused on health care quality. All the health care systems in Italy and Europe were involved to meet a new and increasingly complex health care “demand“.

The growing supply of information and the greater focus on health care are leading to higher expectations towards medicine which will necessarily have to show all its humanistic value besides its technical and scientific aspects. This represents an important challenge for the Italian and the European health care systems, which will be obliged to combine high quality services with limited economic resources.

Physicians will have to become promoters of techniques and practices inspired by a more human treatment philosophy paying greater attention to the allocation of resources as well as the desire to share information and knowledge.

Within this context, the REA Health Association is a point of reference among those operating in the public and private health sectors. The aim of the Association is to promote research activities on health care services across Italy and Europe in order to develop new models for the management of health care systems and health quality, strengthening the effectiveness of health treatments through the efficiency of the use of resources.

Health research is also the way to go deeply into the meaning of counselling, coaching, prevention, health psychology, training, and to evaluate their impact in the different organizational contexts. As regards to these issues, the REA Health Association supports its members providing them with on-line information such as Data Bank, Handbooks on management control and Medical Magazines.

The REA Health Association is also a forum for executives and professionals working as researchers, medical and administrative directors in the following sectors:
- The quality of health care services in Health Institutes and Hospitals and the effectiveness of health treatments;
- The therapies of traditional and complementary medicine concerning pain and the relationship between physician and patient;
- The management accounting and control;
- The internal auditing for clinical and accounting purposes;
- The auditing of balance sheet accounts;
- The innovative organizational and individual methodologies.

Pursuing its aims, the REA Health Association promotes a person-oriented approach where everybody’s skills represent an undoubted added value. It is addressed to all those who, because of work or passion, personally or through an organization, wish to see a treatment philosophy free of prejudices within a universal culture.

Research projects are carried out across Italy and Europe in collaboration with other organizations with which the Association has in common similar purposes.

Ethics, Economy and body-mind Language are the different faces of the same valuable coin to be invested in the person’s care in which we believe and in which we all have to invest in.

Founder: Luigi Giannachi
Founder: Silverio Guanti

Activities and projects in progress

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c/o Studio Squillace: 20124 Milano, Italy